Bright Blue Wealth Coastal (trading name of Financial Link Ltd), is a well established financial consultancy, which has been based in the centre of Brighton for over 35 years.

During this time, we have experienced a dramatically changing economic and political background, making the need for professional financial advice and guidance paramount, if clients wish to control their financial destiny.

Our purpose is to create a strategy, appropriate to the clients’ individual requirements and ensure that the situation is regularly reviewed to take into account changing circumstances.

We work with our clients to establish a relationship built on mutual trust, that allows us both to benefit from an honest partnership with clear objectives of financial and personal well-being.

We have an experienced team focussed on delivery of service to our clients, who share my enthusiasm and dedication. In turn we are supported by technical product and legislative specialists at Openwork, one of the UK’s largest financial advice networks. This together with technical and research analyses allows us to design financial solutions for you. Strategic relationships and partnerships with other firms and professionals, mean that we can work together for our clients’ financial and personal well-being.

Our clients can be safe in the knowledge that we understand the complete picture and will work with you to help achieve the financial outcomes you are seeking. It is a way of working that we have developed and perfected over the last three decades.

At all times we aim to provide consistent, quality professional advice. Many of our clients, both individual and corporate, have been with us for over 30 years, which we believe is testament to our services and professionalism.

The team at Bright Blue Wealth Coastal have been looking after clients’ finances for over 35 years. Our clients and their families entrust us with in excess of £165 million of sums assured to enable their families and businesses to continue in the event of life not going to plan. We administer  and offer bespoke recommendations on assets under management of £85 million, spread through pensions, offshore and onshore investments and share portfolios.

Bright Blue Wealth Coastal is committed to providing you with expert advice and flexible solutions for your individual needs. We believe that our clients get the greatest value from us through the setting out of a tailored strategy to achieve goals; we take time to explain our recommendations and advice as well as explore with clients the different options and routes open to them.

Our role is to make your money work harder for you, simplifying your wealth management portfolios and giving excellent, trusted and lifetime financial advice.

We work with clients to establish a relationship built on mutual trust that allows both of us to benefit from an honest partnership with clear objectives for your financial and personal well-being.

The advisers at Bright Blue Wealth Coastal assist clients in both individual and company planning, covering all aspects of the financial needs you may have. The relationships we have with our clients are designed for the long-term, as we work with you to build, protect and distribute your wealth.

Our service is built around comprehensive financial planning and sound investment principles that ensure you are in the right fund for your attitude to risk, your financial objectives and your overall portfolio balance.

Phillip P Ford, DipPFS