Estate Distribution & Inheritance Tax Planning

Bright Blue Wealth Coastal are acknowledged specialists in the inheritance tax planning arena within Openwork and are proud to be able to say that a great many of our clients’ families will receive more from their estate, benefitting from the advice and recommendations we have made.

We will look at how you wish to distribute your estate on death and can arrange for your Wills to be written with the most up-to-date tax planning in mind, alongside any specialised trusts you may also need to achieve your objectives.

There are a number of different investment vehicles that can be used to be effective for Inheritance Tax (IHT), and your adviser will go through each of them in turn so that you can agree a joint strategy.

Will writing is not part of the Openwork offering and is offered by us in our own right. Openwork accepts no responsibility for this aspect of our business. Will writing is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.